Fresh Produce Association of The Americas
Fresh Produce Association of the Americas

The FPAA and the Mexican Produce Industry

The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas and its members help to ensure North America's uninterrupted access to fresh, high-quality, healthy and delicious Mexican-grown fruits and vegetables.

In 1905, the first rail car carrying fresh produce from Mexico crossed the border at Nogales, Arizona. Today, Mexico has become the top supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables for the United States - and the FPAA is the leading agent of produce trade at the U.S.-Mexico border and across the country.

Founded in Nogales, Arizona, in 1944, the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas has grown to become one of the most influential agricultural groups in the United States. Today, the FPAA provides a powerful voice for improvement and sustainability, serving the needs of more than 100 North American companies involved in the growth, harvest, marketing, import, and distribution of Mexican produce.

Our efforts, combined with the support of our members, yield positive results. We initiated and support major changes that benefit the industry of produce trade across the Mexican border.

Recently we have:

  • Provided members with education on best practices in social responsibility
  • Saved importers nearly $1 billion by spearheading an effort that eliminated high duties on Mexican tomatoes
  • Negotiated government protocols that ensured the continued importation of safe Mexican produce in the United States following the discovery of medflies in Tijuana
  • Rallied legislative support to help refurbish and expand the ports of entry serving our industry and to reduce traffic congestion near the Rio Rico Industrial Park in Nogales, Arizona.

You can view a full copy of the FPAA's most recent Annual Report by clicking here.