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Fresh Produce Association of the Americas

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Mexico offers global buyers year-round availability of fresh, safe and flavorful produce grown with respect for the land and its workers. 

The fertile soil and produce-friendly microclimates of the country's diverse grower regions offer consumers around the world with a wide variety of the highest-quality fresh fruits and vegetables. 

While growing methods vary, Mexico is a world leader in sustainable growing practices, including the full spectrum of protected agriculture and greenhouse growing technologies.

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Beans: One of the longest-cultivated plants,beans have been grown for six thousand years in the Americas. There are many varieties of beans grown in Mexico and exported to the United States, including green beans, long beans, and more. In fact, the warmer climates south of the border allow North Americans to enjoy healthy and great-tasting beans year-round. Who carries beans?

Bell and Chili Peppers: Mexico is a year-round supplier of many varieties of field-grown and greenhouse peppers, including green, red, orange, and yellow sweet bell peppers, and purple and gold peppers. Chili peppers have been grown since the beginning of civilization in the Western Hemisphere, and have been a part of the human diet since about 7500 B.C. when they grew wild. Mexico grows a variety of peppers, including green, red and yellow bell peppers, serranos, jalapenos, Anaheim, habaneros, and poblanos.Who carries peppers?

Cucumbers: Mexico offers almost year-round availability of cucumbers, including pole-grown, hothouse English, field-grown and pickling, from crops in the states of Sinaloa, Sonora, Baja California, Baja California Sur and Jalisco. Who carries cucumbers?

Eggplant: In addition to the traditional large, oval-shaped variety, Mexico also grows Chinese, Italian and Hindu eggplant. Who carries eggplants?

Grapes: During the summer months, grapes are grown in two different regions of Mexico: Hermosillo and Caborca. Warm days and cool nights produce excellent Perlettes, Flames, and Sugraones, as well as specialty varieties of grapes with a high sugar content, including many varieties of black grapes and a newest Cotton Candy variety, among others. Who carries grapes?

Limes: The Persian lime and the Key lime — also known as the Mexican lime — are the two most abundant varieties. Who carries limes?

Mangos: Boasting a long growing season, Mexico supplies an average of 66% of mango imports into the U.S. Because Mexico is so close to the U.S., mango producers are able to offer sweeter tree-ripened fruit. Popular varieties include Tommy Atkins, Haden, Kent, Ataulfos and Keitt. Who carries mangos?

Melons: Because Mexico’s melons are grown in many diverse growing regions, you’re assured of ample supplies. Who carries melons?

Squash: Mexico exports more than 400 million pounds of squash annually, including Italian zucchini — yellow, straight, or crookneck varieties — as well as gray, acorn, spaghetti, kabocha, banana and butternut hard-shell varieties. Who carries squash?

Tomatoes: Mexico boasts a year-round growing cycle of tomatoes — including grape, cherry, beefsteak, roma, vine-ripened, organic and specialty — delivering nearly 1.6 billion pounds annually. Who carries tomatoes?